23. Juli 2017

HALLHUBER feiert 40 years in style. Wir wollen dieses Jubiläum als Anlass nehmen, starke Frauen aus dem Unternehmen vorzustellen. Frauen, die bereits sehr lange mit dabei sind und die Entwicklung von HALLHUBER bisher hautnah miterlebt haben. Zudem wollen wir Frauen vorstellen, die in diesem Jahr ebenfalls 40 Jahre werden. Entdeckt wer hinter 40 Jahre HALLHUBER steckt.

Da HALLHUBER schon lange nicht mehr nur in Deutschland vertreten ist, wollen wir Euch heute die liebe Leigh vorstellen, die dieses Jahr auch den 40. Geburtstag feiert!

1. Please introduce yourself.

I am Leigh, Country Manager for Hallhuber UK & Ireland.

2. You’ve been working for HALLHUBER for almost 4 years now. Which impressions did you get on your first day?

Overwhelmed but excited. My 1st day was spent meeting the team at our head office in Munich, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. An exciting start for Hallhuber UK.

3. Which things do you like the most in your job?

Working with people; my colleagues, our customers and our store teams.

4. What makes your colleagues crazy about you sometimes?

I like everything to be very organized, sometimes too much!  :o)  

5. What are your secret thoughts you are dreaming of at work?

‘I would love to be on the beach’ or ‘I wander when low tide is’. Living in Cornwall along the Atlantic coast the sea and beach is never far from my mind.

6. Tell us the hardest challenge you have to deal with in your daily work?

Prioritizing – my role covers a variety of areas and I have to make sure that I prioritize what will deliver the most success to the business. This often keeps me away from our stores where I love to spend my time with the teams.

Just like HALLHUBER you will become 40 this year.

7. Are there any more similarities between HALLHUBER and you?

I think I am probably quite similar in a lot of ways,  I certainly fit into Hallhuber’s target customer group and would be a Hallhuber customer even if I wasn’t an employee.

8. How do you celebrate your anniversary?

I have a twin sister so we will spend our birthday together with family and friends celebrating somewhere we haven’t been to before.

9. HALLHUBER – past and today: What changed the most?

In the UK, we have grown from 5 Shops to more than 35 alongside the global expansion. This is the biggest change for me.

10. Who is your female role model?

Michelle Obama – she always dresses with impeccable taste, she is a champion of women’s rights and education around the world. Her husband is quite a catch too!

11. What is currently your favourite HALLHUBER piece?

The Smocked off the shoulder lace dress – I am definitely buying this piece!

12. Do you still remember your first HALLHUBER piece?

Yes –  a gorgeous ¾ sleeve tunic dress in black – a timeless classic that I still wear all the time.

13. What is your inspirational work quote?

Be brave! Or ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…….’ See those crazy organizational habits kicking in?

14. What is your motivation to get up every morning?

A strong cup of coffee will get me out of bed every time… but seriously, my family is the world to me, I love my job and I live in a beautiful location. What more motivation do you need?

15. Which HALLHUBER moment was the most beautiful for you?

Every summer we take our UK and Ireland managers to Munich to meet the head office team and see the new AW collection. This is the highlight of the year for me as the managers are so passionate about our brand and our products and they love visiting head office and meeting the team.

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