14. Mai 2017

HALLHUBER feiert 40 years in style. Wir wollen dieses Jubiläum als Anlass nehmen, starke Frauen aus dem Unternehmen vorzustellen. Frauen, die bereits sehr lange mit dabei sind und die Entwicklung von HALLHUBER bisher hautnah miterlebt haben.  Zudem wollen wir Frauen vorstellen, die in diesem Jahr ebenfalls 40 Jahre werden. Entdeckt wer hinter 40 Jahre HALLHUBER steckt.

Da HALLHUBER schon lange nicht mehr nur in Deutschland vertreten ist, wollen wir Euch heute die liebe May vorstellen. Sie leitet in UK mehrere Store und feiert dieses Jahr auch den 40. Geburtstag!

1. Please introduce yourself.

My Name is May Barghache , I am A Cluster manager for Victoria & Richmond Branch in the UK.

2. You’ve been working for HALLHUBER for 3 years now. What did you feel on your first day? 

I started on first of march 2014 one day before my birthday , and it was the day of the setup for my branch in Victoria , I was so excited as it was first time for me to start a job that I can see it build from the first step, and was so great to see the collections I was going work with started to built up and form a nice stories.

3. Which things do you like the most in your job?

I love when I satisfy a customer especially when I see the satisfaction look on her face makes me full of energy and ready for next challenge, and I like all of my job description.

4. What makes your colleagues crazy about you sometimes?

I believe because I am a Good Team Player and I am always smiling.

5. What are your secret thoughts you are dreaming of at work?

If I tell my secret thoughts it won’t be secrets anymore 🙂

6. Tell us the hardest challenge you have to deal with in your daily work?

Every Job has its Challenges, but I learned how to deal with every one at a time and transform my bad days to good days and release obstacle from my way, and help my staff to lead their day in same direction.

Just like HALLHUBER you will become 40 this year.

7. Are there any more similarities between HALLHUBER and you?

I guess we are growing older but we still look young 🙂

8. How do you celebrate your anniversary?

With friends and family and by remembering good moments passed through the year and what I learnt from it.

9. HALLHUBER – past and today: What changed the most?

Newness and accommodating the new fashion Market Demand.

10. Who is your female role model?

Julia Roberts as she  represents natural aspects for a woman.

11. What is currently your favorite HALLHUBER piece?

I love the summery strip dress from Sunset Romance Range.

12. Do you still remember your first HALLHUBER piece?

Yes it was sleeveless silk top and every season I choose same in different color and also I loved the smiley face T-shirt!

13. What is your inspirational work quote?

Failure to prepare is a preparation for failure.

14. What is your motivation to get up every morning?

“HOPE” hoping every day  is going to be better

15. Which HALLHUBER moment was the most beautiful for you?

Best moments is when we get together for our area meeting or going to Germany for our Kick off meeting, I love those moments as they give me the opportunity to meet my colleagues in person  to catch up and have fun.

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